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I've spent the last two nights making an anime music video. It's not really how I feel but more over how I used to feel, the concept came to me when I was feeling a bit down in my relationship a few days ago but I can honestly say I don't feel like that anymore. Anyway if you would like to watch it you can download it here:

Link removed due to technical difficulties - See comments for route of how to get the video

Please let me know what you think, it's the first time I've actually put one of my videos up on the net for people to see and if people like it I am going to upload it to for the world to see. It took me quite a bit of my spare time to do so please don't be too critical of it.


In other news I have hospital appointments for the next three days in a row ¬_¬ I'm not looking forward to them.


I've ordered Ian's christmas present :) now I need to get cards written and posted to Melissa, Ami and Seiya... :) I am hoping the postage won't be too much as I am running out of money again ¬_¬ not good. I suck so much with money it's unbelievable.
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*shudder and cringe*

What a way to spoil a brilliant day.

I woke up in the arms of Ian, fantastic.

I walked in to Uni with Ian, I walked part of my way home with Ian as he was going to another class, great.

I went shopping with Nic which was fun.

I came home, had a laugh with Ian and Nic.

Went to the cinema with Naomi to see Bridget Jones' Diary, had a good conversation with the coach driver on the way back. (He actually allows smoking on his coach which I didn't know until today)

Walked to the safety bus pick up spot, there were some guys there... I thought I'd be fine around them, they looked like ordinary University students who'd been out for a few drinks. Until one of them opened a bin and bet one of the others they couldn't high jump into it. Then one of them came over put his arm over my shoulder and was pressed against the wall with one leg over mine. *Cue me feeling sick* He then shouted of his mates who proceeded to give him a cheer (you know the type, "go on my son") He leant in closer to me and I felt his nose brush agaisnt mine, I swear to god he was going to kiss me. I suddenly felt extremely sick. He then got called away by a mate and started a "play" fight which meant the safety bus couldn't pull into it's normal spot and had to park on the road. The guys went over (except the ones fighting) and tried to open the door. I wanted out of there so I went over opened the door for them and got on right behind the safety bus driver (unfortunately it wasn't Ryan or I'd have been sitting in front and probably would have felt more comfortable as the drunks wouldn't have sat beside me.) The driver seemed to be able to tell how uncomfortable I was, he'd said "good job you were here" when I opened the door because the drunks couldn't and he took me home first so I could get away from them (although obviously he never said that) but yeah, I've only felt that uncomfortable before twice in my life. Once when a guy was hitting on me in the back of a van when he was off his face on E and pot. And the second when someone attempted to rape me.

I feel sick right now... I can still smell the guy near me and I know he's no where near me but I can still feel his leg against mine and his nose against mine. It feels awful.
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You know I half can't be arsed to update this but I have like... an hour and a half to kill before I know whether I am going home now or going elsewhere... so since I have nothing better to do I will update this.

Firstly my knee is getting no better, it's getting no worse either so hey hum but I wish it would just stop hurting... please please please, or at least let the doctors find out what is wrong with it for goodness sake.

I am still up the creek without a paddle when it comes to money, to the point I'm not sure if I can afford to even go to the toilet (in otherwords running out of toilet paper) ¬_¬ But hopefully that should be sorted soon, *pats the job apps in her bag and then crosses fingers*

World was almost turned upside down over the beginning of the week due to something I do not wish to talk about but thankfully it's sorted, I'm a happy bunny again and everything smells like flowers and chocolates again. :p

Spending Christmas is Preston, turns out me and Ian are not going to go see Mike, but it's for a good reason. I'm so happy for Mike.... *whispers* He's doing the one knee thing XD I so hope she says yes. *claps*

Me... well I am as good as I possibly can be at the minute. I'm happy, I'm healthy XD and I'm smiling again...

yes, I am actually healthy... It's now december and all I have had is one cold which I got from going from Florida weather back to English weather. No chest infections/ear infections/colds... *TOUCH WOOD* so I'm quite pleased... normally by now I'd have had 3 colds, 2 chest infections and an ear ache... but nope. :D

Looking forward to spending Xmas alone with Ian. Should be nice. A good test for can we get along together alone in a house over a holiday period. Hopefully we'll both have jobs because I'd hate to think the electric goes over Xmas and we're both out of money >.< That would not be good... although I do have lots of candles... could be quite romantic actually *contemplates hiding lecci card XD* I'm joking of course.... how would we be able to watch movies if I did that? Lol... might just suggest that since we both hate wasting electricity that we only turn the lights on when it's absolutely nessecary... Should be what we're doing now, but with 4 of us in the house we kinda forget or we think someone else is going to be in the room and wants it on or... well you get the idea. (BTW this is not me having a go at anyone before I get my neck put through a noose)

But yeah, I'm in quite a pleasant mood today. Walking around town on your day off is quite relaxing, even if it is really really cold out here.
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yoinked from sailor_pluto77

You scored as The Scorpion Clan. You are a member of the Scorpion Clan! You are a loyal friend, and are willing to do what must be done to help them. You are often misunderstood, and people find it hard to trust you, but your heart is in the right place.


The Scorpion Clan


The Crab Clan


The Lion Clan


The Crane Clan


The Phoenix Clan


The Mantis Clan


The Dragon Clan


The Unicorn Clan




What Legends of the Five Rings Clan are you?
created with

Was there a doubt as to which clan I'd be in. I sometimes think these quizzes aren't even worth me taking, I should just write... yes... Scorpio/n is my answer
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Christmas Time

Despite lack of funds I'm going to attempt to send out Christmas cards.

Those of you who would like to recieve one from me please e-mail me at with your address and I will try my best to send you one.
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Happy Deathday!
Your name:kimberz
You will die on:Thursday, March 11, 2027
You will die of:Snake Bite
Created by Quill

Now... would that be the drink? or am I actually going to get bitten by a snake? People always did say drinking was bad for you... Heh
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